Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What Happened, I go to Bed and Wake up, COLD!

J. Phillips 1960

     What happened? It was in the sixties when I left work, then I wake up to thirty-two degrees!
     It seems to me that it doesn't snow like it did when I was a kid . I remember living at New Home Community on the mountain above Trenton, Georgia and having four feet of snow many times. It snowed enough one time my brother took a piece of chrome that had come off of a car and tying it to his feet and using it as a ski. It worked for him! Wish I could say the same for me. I never could get that balance right!

Larry and Poochie 1953

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Can You Smell the Sunshine?

Birmingham Museum of Art

     Today when I unlocked our showroom door to the building for one of the salesman, I took a deep breath and it reminded me of fall days when I was growing up. Days when my Mom and Aunt Jessie would heat up the black pot with water and wash the sheets, pillowcases, and towels, then hang them outside to dry. That night when we went to bed we could smell the sunshine in the bed clothes. Wonderful smell!

Monday, November 11, 2013


Judy A. Harper 1966
(Picture Air Force sent to Mom for the home town

Me in my fatigues, 1967

     Monday, November 11, 2013 is Veterans Day. I would like to remember all of my family veterans.

The Harper (Hilley/Harris) side:
Thomas Hilley, American Revolutionary War
My Dad's mother's, Manila Hilley Harper,great great
Benjamin Josiah Harris, Civil War
20 Nov 1839-27 Nov 1862
Manila Hilley Harper's grandfather on her
Mother's side Elizabeth "Lucy" Harris Hilley
Josiah was killed in the Civil War on 27 Nov 1862
Clifford William Harper, my dad
23 Dec 1916-10 Apr 1982
He served in the Army during World War II.
He was with the Military Police in the Philippines.
Jesse Ershel Harper
My Uncle Ert
13 Jul 1929-13 Apr 2004
He served in the Army during the Korean Conflict
Served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War
16 Nov 1966-20 Jul 1969
Carl Spatz III
Air Force 1990 - Present
Air Traffic Controller
Served in Afghanistan 

The Turner(Mom's side) side:
William Hunt Turner
He was killed on his way home from the Civil War

Clinton Rufus Turner
Mother's brother who
served in the Navy, 1944

Charlie Lloyd Green
My Aunt Jessie's husband, mother's 

Monday, September 9, 2013

A Scream Is A Scream!

Mockingbird on my deck

Two female Finches

     I was just outside watching two young hawks learning to fly. I learned that it doesn't make a difference if you're bird, cat or human, when you scared to death, a scream is a scream. I'm happy to say, they learned to enjoy that jump off a limb, and went flying off into the sky in a straight line rather than jump, scream, flap them wings, rise and head for another tree limb. It only took four jumps!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Friends Who Died Today, Annette Funicello. !

The Mickey Mouse Club title screen.jpg

TMZ pictures

     I remember watching the Mickey Mouse Club with Annette Funicello, then the beach party movies. It's like an end to an era.  She was such a brave person dealing with MS. You can go here to read some of her struggles. 

Best Friends and Stuff Like That!

Kitty, Judy, Poochie and Larry 1952

     Some people find it difficult to believe that I'm a shy person and at one time stuttered when I had to say something in class, cute guys and strangers. I would turn red and stammer as well. The reason for saying this is that when I was in the tenth grade, we moved from the Big Woods of Georgia (New Home Community on the mountain above Trenton, Georgia) to Henagar, Alabama. I remember arriving for the first day of school, after finishing registering for classes. My first class was English with Miss Blansit. 
     The bell had already rung, so the halls were empty and I had to search for her room since there was no one around to ask for directions. Opening the closed door to her room, or what I thought was her room I walked into the front of the class, a class full of nothing but teenage guys and a female teacher sitting at her desk. I stopped, backed out into the hall, closed the door and looked at the number, yes, I had the right room. The teacher opened the door and said, "This is English, is that what you're looking for?" I nodded my head as she took my class assignment card. 
     This very dignified lady guided me into her class and introduced me to everyone. It seems that the first English class was for the schools varsity football players as they were in practice her last class and couldn't attend then. So I was the only girl in first period English. Talk about a dream come true! 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Ancestry.Com and Linking Ancestors?

     I have this question that I can't come up with an answer, "Do I link ancestors on my Family Tree while I determine if they're really related"?
     I have a second cousin that began researching our family last year. She invited me to look at her tree, so I did. I immediately found that she was adding people that I knew weren't from our DNA testing and belonged to another group, no way related to us. When I pointed this out her reply was that they have members named the same as some of ours. Which was true, so I pointed her to our DNA member page so that she was able to see all 144 names from testing that our administrators have divided into groups. Each group is related. William is a popular name in my family, yet if you look in the other groups, you'll see it was a popular name all the way back to the 1500's. 
     This brings me to my original question, do you use your tree to work from, knowing others link to that tree? I bought the 2012 Family Tree Maker, but it's not as easy to use as the online tree linking. Bottom line is to ask for backup  from those you're linking with and to come back and verify the information you copied hasn't changed. Paper trails are very important. 
     I'm very excited at the moment, as I've been trying to track how some of our closest relatives moved from England/Ireland to South Carolina to Mississippi. It was in trying to prove this link that I hit on an answer. Edmund Harper came from England/Ireland to South Carolina, where he had sons/grandsons Edward Sr who for some reason moved to Mississippi, while others moved to Georgia. The chase is on!
Larry, Susan and Judy 1954
"I'm proud of that missing tooth!"